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Billabong Girls Surf Camp | O A H U

This past week I headed to Oahu for the Surfer Poll, Greg Longs Talk Story, and to meet up with Billabong Girl Surf Trips! We had a blast! Surfed our booties off, danced the nights away, and laughed plenty! : ) The Butterfly Effect and Billabong Girls Surf Trips will be teaming up once again in 2014 for another boat trip in TAHITI! And BALI too! We will be taking registration online for these camps start December 20th on! All levels, ages, experience are welcome! Come surf with us, we will teach you and have fun doing it!

Highly Recommended! ; )









Excited to see the whole film..OMG GMO! I am trying to be informed and make the right decisions when I start traveling next year! Gonna be tough..

GMO OMG Official Trailer from Compeller Pictures on Vimeo.

Playing at the Bay

Fun north swell past through the islands. Headed to Honolua Bay and got lucky with a small crowd and awesome waves



Crazy, Sexy, Cool

I vote for funny, easy, and breezy..For smiles, giggles, and winks. Serendipities, happenchance, and surprises. Friends, strangers, and admirers. Pink, purple, and green. And crazy, sexy, cool…

So be it, and so it is ; )

IMG_6827 48048_596528933700085_1332881682_n 125 Jahre Bucherer AG Jubilaeum Event in Filiale St.Moritz am Freitag 9. August 2013

I love windsurfing

Check out the action from yesterdays PWA AWT Aloha Classic event here on Maui. The waves were big and the guys were ripping! Can’t wait to get out there and sail again in the womens division!.. especially after watching this video, makes me so inspired! : )

PWA Aloha Classic Single Elimination from American Windsurfing Tour on Vimeo.

BE and SAGA together in Tahiti

The Butterfly Effect women and 10 girls from the SAGA were able to meet in Tahiti and joined together  later in the week on the the island of Moorea for a group sailing session. They shared sporting tips, life lessons, and water sport action together. The bond was unforgettable and we are excited to meet with them again next year. If you are interested in being involved, supporting or sponsoring SAGA please check out their website and contact them directly.

Think Less – Love More – Just BE

How can every trip just get better and better?! Amazing times.. join the movement!

Cabarete Dreams

The Butterfly Effect Dominican Republic was amazing. Every year I am pleasantly reminded of the beauty of the place, the community, and the people. Cabarete is unlike anywhere else in the world and I am so happy that one of the major Butterfly Effects we have going is at this location. When I am there I feel so happy and full of life. Each day is an unplanned adventure. You never know what will happen, but when you go with the flow there.. everything works out so beautifully. We had an amazing event with the most beautiful conditions. Michelle is a super woman that organized the 5th Annual BE event. With all the sports participating, windsurf, kitesurf, stand up paddle, kayak.. it is a day not to be missed! It is the true spirit of The Butterfly Effect there.
We are also proud to announce that we had an effective beach clean up on Cabarete beach and raised a total of usd$8,000 for the DREAM Project of Dominican Republic! Way to go team!

Fore more photos visit The Buttefly Effect Movement on Facebook –


Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 11.35.59 PM

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 11.36.07 PM