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Time to kite!

Been loving my kitesurf sessions lately! : )


Photo by Pierre Bouras



Learn to kitesurf with the Cabrinha Spark and Relaunch

Check out the latest video of the BEST gear to start learning to kitesurfing with!  Start with the Spark and move to the Relaunch..then you are almost riding!! :)

Maui Underground

For some inspiration and creativy..

the Cabrinha guys killing it on Maui..

New kitesurfing photos

Photos by: Pierre Bouras

Cabrinha Demo Day at Kitebeach, Maui

Winds were perfect for kiting today, not super strong like how Maui normally is, but just right for an awesome session at Kitebeach. I rode the Cabrinha Switchblade for a bit then the Drifter. The new equipment feels amazing to ride, the Switchbalde  was fun and powerful, and the Drifter was extremely smooth. Both of these kites were set up on the new Quicklink kitebar that is simple and clean…no more lines dangling all over the place to get stuck on, everything is pulled back out of the way! Amazing how much kiting continues to improve!


Cabrinha Demo Day

Cabrinha Demo Day will be happening on October 22nd at Kanaha Beach, Maui! Come down and check out the new gear!